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.If any of the the business problems below seem familiar to you, AnalytiX offers a solution.


  • Tired of managing mapping specifications/ source to target mappings using microsoft excel files
  • Are you managing hundreds or thousands of excel based mappings?

Are all the microsoft excel files causing:



  • Project team confusion
  • Project delays and budget overruns
  • Risk and quality concerns surrounding the quality of deliverables
  • The data mapping and ETL process is taking more time than expected
  • Need for better insight and manageability of the data mapping process


AnalytiX Mapping Manager (AMM) is a part of the “Agile Tools Movement” for the data integration industry, enabling customers to accelerate delivery by automating manual “pre-ETL” Source to Target Mapping (STM) processes of data integration projects. AMM enables organizations to “break free” of managing hundreds to thousands of MS Excel based data mappings across the organization. 


AMM enables organizations to quickly consolidate metadata using its built-in scanners, manage data dictionaries and automates the STM process by allowing mappings to be created using “dragging -and-dropping” techniques and storing mappings in central data mapping repository. The patented versioning capabilities allow mapping to be versioned through the change process and enable auditing and better management of the end to end “Pre-ETL” data mapping process.

Once the mappings are considered “approved for coding” ETL developers can export the mappings as coding requirements or exported to XML to automatically generate ETL/ELT jobds for industry leading ETL Tools like Infomatica PowerCenter, IBM DataStage and Microsoft SQL Server SSIS etc.


Features Benefits
  • Create source to target mappings using “dragging and dropping techniques”
  • Consolidate source to target mappings into a data mapping repository
  • Import existing Excel mapping specifications via import template/CSV files
  • Patented versioning enables mappings to be versioned through the change process
  • Impact analysis & data lineage views of the
  • Create manage and maintain corporate data dictionaries and business glossaries of data definitions
  • Auto-Generate ETL JobsIntegrates with leading ETL Tools Providers Informatica | DataStage | SQL Server SSIS
  • Ability to attach files such as advanced detail design specifications at the mapping level.
  • Ability to define encryption requirements for SOX, HIPPA, PHI, SPI and Solvency II sensitive data requirements
  • Facilitates definition & governance of mapping standards
  • Automates the Data Mapping Process
  • Removes all dependencies on managing mappings using Microsoft excel based templates
  • Accelerates the data mapping process by as much as 70% (compared with manual tradition means of excel based entry)Enables better management and visibility of the end to end data mapping and data delivery process.
  • Promotes better goveranance and standards surrounding the entire data mapping process
  • Introduces best pratices and standards to an area of integration which is currently managed using MS Excel Templates
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System Requirements:


  • OS : Windows Server 2003 or Higher
  • DBMS : SQL Server 2005 or Higher
  • Browser : Browser independent — runs on all major web browsers
  • RAM : 16 GB Minimum Recommended
  • Hard Drive : 120 GB Recommended
  • Abc :pqr


Deployment Alternatives:


  • Also available as a hosted offering, Software as a Service (SaaS) or CLOUD solution Offering

The Mapping Manager toolset enables automation, acceleration, best practices and data mapping standards for any project involving movement of data.

— John R. Talbert Ph.D, - University of Arkansas at Little Rock, College of Information Science and Systems Engineering & Director