mapping manager modules

Resource Manager

  • Add users to the system
  • Create Integration Project
  • Allocate users to projects and define roles.
  • Allocate Source & Target Systems to projects
  • Allocate project resources and define roles
  • Easily Load, Manage and Audit Project and SDM
  • Easily load and share any project level documentation at the project level (e.g. SDM, Compliance Documentations, Project Plans, Release Schedules

  • System Manager

  • Define, manage and share system information and connectivity specifications
  • Define manage and share system documentation with multiple users (Data Dictionaries, User Guides etc).
  • Automatically Load, Refresh, Leverage and share metadata (technical and business) via loading directly from Erwin files or automatically loading from DBMS system catalogs.
  • Seamlessly manage metadata and profiling of source and target systems.
  • Accelerate access to source systems connectivity specifications, documentation and metadata.
  • Eliminate duplicate efforts from silo project teams and loss of knowledge capital due to attrition.

  • Mapping Manager

  • Dynamically create  mapping specs using Metadata  Browser’s Drag &  Drop capabilities
  • Import existing Excel mapping specifications via import template/CSV files
  • Support one to many mapping relationships and ability to define derived columns; movement of heterogeneous data sets from /to disparate systems
  • Ability to attach files such as advanced detail design specifications at the mapping level.
  • Ability to attach and share files at the project, system, and mapping specification level.
  • Ability to define encryption requirements for SOX, HIPPA, & PHI sensitive data
  • Facilitates definition & governance of mapping standards

The Mapping Manager toolset enables automation, acceleration, best practices and data mapping standards for any project involving movement of data.

— John R. Talbert Ph.D, - University of Arkansas at Little Rock, College of Information Science and Systems Engineering & Director