AnalytiX consulting services are offered through our dedicated staff. AnalytiX's implementation consultants are deeply familiar with AnalytiX's products and technology. In most cases, these consultants have worked as engineers on developing and testing these same products. They also have extensive experience in working on many different implementation projects of varying complexity in a diverse set of industries.

AnalytiX 's implementation staff is led by capable project mapping leads that have both the technical as well as project management skill-sets. They work closely with customers across the complete project lifecycle while employing proven best practices. AnalytiX also leverages the capabilities and domain expertise of its system integrator partners to provide diverse, flexible services.

The Mapping Manager toolset enables automation, acceleration, best practices and data mapping standards for any project involving movement of data.

— John R. Talbert Ph.D, - University of Arkansas at Little Rock, College of Information Science and Systems Engineering & Director