Background : You have chosen AnalytiX Mapping Manager and want to leverage AnalytiX’s expertise in getting started quickly with your project. Your team has been trained on AnalytiX Mapping Manager and the project scope has been defined and documented. Goal is to enable you to complete your solution on your own, or provide you what you need to get started on your first project.

Deliverables : As part of this engagement, a dedicated AnalytiX expert will assist your team in their initial steps with AnalytiX Mapping Manager . They will jointly review the requirements and design the overall solution in AnalytiX. AnalytiX Mapping Manager will be installed. The implementation work will start with co-development of the solution. This will ensure your projects starts off smoothly and ensures success and quick deployment.

Mentoring is a key focus of this engagement. With the knowledge transfer from AnalytiX expert, your team will quickly gain proficiency in utilizing AnalytiX Mapping Manager themselves going forward.

Duration : 20 days from Requirement Documents are developed

The Mapping Manager toolset enables automation, acceleration, best practices and data mapping standards for any project involving movement of data.

— John R. Talbert Ph.D, - University of Arkansas at Little Rock, College of Information Science and Systems Engineering & Director